Upland Preserve, Bespoke Afield™ and The Gundog Experience™ Programs

120 acres of our 176-acre shooting grounds are licensed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as gamebird preserve.  Release chukar throughout the year for hunting and gundog training and quail in-season.  For 2018 we are planning on raising 500-1000 quail in as wild a state as we can provide for them with call-back pens to use until they can live self-sufficiently.


Upland Preserve Hunting

Join us for a hunt you won't soon forget.  With one of the most unique properties in Leelanau County and the only licensed gamebird preserve here, you will get to enjoy beautiful valleys and heart-thumping ridges to hunt.  We have both pointing and flushing dogs for your use or you may bring your own.  We can even use a combination if the hunt is long.  Our hunting is all guided and the guide and dog are included in the price of your hunt

Pricing:  $150 per person and includes 5 chukar or 6 quail.  More birds are available for purchase.


Bespoke Afield™ Program

Our Bespoke Afield™ program is for the hunter that wants to have us along as guide AND trainer.  We can simulate wild bird hunting on our preserve or join you on a wild bird hunt to help you with such techniques as quartering patterns, steadiness on point/flush and generally how you work your dog.  This is a flat fee program and includes some birds on our preserve, or is simply for our time in the wild bird situation.

Price:  VAries, but generally starts at $100/hour afield.

The Gundog Experience™ Program

Some individuals have gundog breeds and would love to see what their dog was genetically created to do, but don't want to shoot/kill birds.  We ahve the program for you!  In this no-kill program, you can learn about gundogs, their history, innate drives and abilities in a scenario where no animals are killed.  For some this is purely educational and enjoyable for them to see their dog doing what it was created to do.  For others, if may be an introduction into the exciting world of upland hunting for clean, wild proteins to eat.

Pricing:  Varies due to interests of the client but starts at $75/hour.