Established in 2017

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Our Team

An enterprise is only as good as its team.  We are a group of individuals that love the outdoors.  Lifelong outdoorsmen that hunt, shoot and fish as much as possible and enjoy creating unforgettable sporting adventures for our clients!

In this world of overwhelming technological dependence, the sporting lifestyle is of even more importance to be preserved before its gone. Living the sporting lifestyle is a spiritual, family-focused, community endevour that preserves our heritage for generations to come and builds lasting relationships and respect for Creation!
— Chris Butz

Chris Butz - Upland/Waterfowl Guide, gundog trainer, shooting instructor & founder
Dogs:  English setters, English Cockers, British Lab and German Wachtelhund
Favorite Shotgun:  Kohler max lite sporting; beretta 391; winchester 101

Chris is a husband to Angie and father to 5 wonderful children.  The foundation and model for life is found in his faith as a Christian.  Chris believes that the outdoors is powerful for us as a spiritual experience and that it's a power as a catalyst for escape, rejuvenation and renewal is unparalleled.

A lifelong sportsman, Chris grew up in central Indiana chasing fin and fowl as a young man.  He started out shooting competitively at age 8 and won multiple national titles by the age of 12.  Whether it was chasing wild bobwhite quail or doves in southern Indiana, duck and geese on lakes and rivers or fishing for smallmouth, he couldn't get enough of the outdoors.  Along the way, Chris hunted over English Setters, German Shorthairs, English Pointers, Labs, Chessies and Spaniels and expanded his hunting to upland and waterfowl in western locales such as Iowa and South Dakota.

Gundog Training in the British Traditions

Chris' interest in training dogs began at an early age too with his father's English Setters.  Focusing on how gundogs worked and their behavior, along with a general interest in animals led Chris to pursue a degree in Zoology from Michigan State University.  Along the way, Chris studied many gundog breeds and methodologies, including those of British and Continental trainers' use of positive reinforcement versus traditional methods in the States with force and electronic stimulation.  He found that it required more of a bond and foundation in sit and steadiness combined with getting your dog ot want to work FOR you versus FOR itself and that sometimes electronic stimulation can be a crutch that we rely on to get our dog to a desired outcome possibly before it is ready.

Sporting Clays and Life

Chris tranisitioned to shooting sporting clays when the sport was very new to the States.  He has always loved the simulated wingshooting presentations and is a lifelong student of the game from techniques to tactics.  Chris has been privelged to shoot with some of the top names in national sporting clays over the years and to receive coaching from some of the same, as well as local coaches with tons of ability and loves teaching others the technical aspects of the sport that will get them off on the right foot.  Working with hundreds of individuals over the years at all levels of ability, he plans on being able to hopefully show you something you might not have thought of to have that "aha" moment in your shooting and hunting, thus making the sporting lifestyle even more enjoyable!  Just like in sporting clays, if we have our life planned out (move), trust the foudnational abiliites and tools that we have (mount) and execute with faith (shoot) in it all, then we can accomplish our dreams and break more birds!

Ash James - Upland/Waterfowl and Steelhead guide
Dog:  American Lab (the next one will be British)
Favorite shotgun:  Browning Cynergy; Benelli SBE2

Ash Is married to Kelly and the father to two wonderful girls.  He originally hails from the UK but we don't hold anything against him for that.  Growing up in a sporting family, he learned to hunt, shoot and flyfish at a young age.  Ash has taken instruction at Holland & Holland and the West London Shooting Grounds in England and has travelled across the country chasing fin and feather.  You won't soon forget his witty English humor or sayings and there is no one better on the rod for steelhead!


Brandon Priest - Assistant guide

Brandon has lived his whole life in northern Michigan.  He has typically always chased whitetails but has come around to the bird and clay game.  Brandon is a hard worker and makes a lot of things happen for Bespoke Sporting and our yak ranch - Gill's Pier Ranch.  He can fix about anything and is a ton of fun to be around.

Satisfied clients

Had a great time. I have shot sporting clays in several venues around the country and this was one of the best shooting experiences I have had. Topped off with a Yak can’t beat Gill’s Pier Ranch [Bespoke Sporting].
— Steve Holmes (Sporting Clays Client)
Chris, just a short note to thank you for the time you have spent with Mary and me training Lincoln and “tuning up” Charlie.

It has been a great experience to work with you on your beautiful property. Your training technique aligns so closely with my own philosophy and experience in teaching the dog a skill first and, only then, drilling them on what they know through repetition, to develop consistency and obedience while setting them up to succeed. We are anxious to get going again , now that the weather has settled down. I am sure you will see a real change in Lincoln as he continues to steadily improve with all of Mary’s hard work. He is going to be a great field dog; it is comforting to know that between Charlie and Lincoln I will have wonderful dogs to hunt over for many years to come.
— Scott and Mary LaBarre (Gundog Training Client with Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and German Wirehaired Pointer)
It is obvious that the sporting lifestyle is important to Chris from the way he is excited for each opportunity to take a client out chasing birds or fish. Even if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate you are guaranteed a great time that you won’t soon forget!
— Jeff (Flyfishing and Upland Client)
What a great time! I spoke with Chris and we set up a sporting clay shoot for 6 people on 8- 18-17 and he was a great guide. He had set up fun games while we shot and just kept the laughs flowing. He was very flexible and willing to work with us in anyway necessary and very patience with 6 bad shots LOL. He sets up each trip up for you and your party so it is tailored to fit you which is very nice. I can’t wait till we are back up there to meet up and go have more fun with Gill’s Pier Outfitters [Bespoke Sporting].
— Travis Frendt (Sporting Clays Group Outing)
I have been fortunate enough to shoot sporting clays in several venues throughout the Midwest. I have taken lessons from several instructors. Chris does an excellent job with his training. Chris has several Promatic traps to help you with all sorts of target presentations. He works well with new shooters as well as with experienced shooters just needing a tuneup. Give him a try. You will be pleased!!!
— Lee (Sporting Clays Client)
Chris Butz is like a “dog whisperer “. He simply has a way with animals. From the simple teaching of commands such as sit, stay etc up to teaching blind retrieves, Chris excels. Chris is an outdoorsman and understands what a hunter wants from his dog. Give him a try. I think you will be pleased with the results.
— Ted B (Upland & Waterfowl Client)
Chris has a solid foundation and understanding of dog behavior, getting your dog to be a pleasure in the field. After getting my new pup last year and listening to so many different opinions it was a blessing to find Chris. He is a patient trainer for both the dog and the owner. With an understanding of true dog psychology. If you are looking to get your dog to a level that your hunting buddy’s say wow. As well as a true companion in the field than Chris Butz is that person that will get you and your dog there.
— Ashland (Gundog Training American Lab)